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the secret world of innies

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This community is a safe, sacred space for introverts (and introvert-lovers). Out of every 4 people, only 1 is an introvert. We are widely misunderstood, and often believe ourselves to be broken because we are not the same as the extroverts that surround us! We are not broken, we are different, and through self-awareness, perserverence, and boundaries, we can thrive, succeed and achieve! :)

from The Introvert Advantage:

Introversion is at its root a type of temperment. It is not the same as shyness or having a withdrawn personality, and it is not pathological. It is also not something you can change. But you can learn to work with it, not against it.

The strongest distinguishing characteristic of introverts is their energy source: Introverts draw energy from their internal world of ideas, emotions, and impressions. They are energy conservers. They can be easily overstimulated by the external world, experiencing the uncomfortable feeling of "too much." This can feel like antsyness or torpor. In either case, they need to limit their social experiences so they don't get drained. However, introverts nee to balance their alone time with outside time, or they can lose other perspectives and connections.

Introverted people who balance their energy have perserverence and the ability to think independently, focus deeply, and work creatively.


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