Robert Neuenschwander (arjayen) wrote in intr0version,
Robert Neuenschwander


Hey guys. I am another long time member, yet first-time poster.

In my experience, I have found this mindset to help during social activities. Strangers, acquaintances, and classmates know little to nothing about me. Any opinions they form will be from a few threads of information. They do not KNOW me, my history, my motivations, or anything of lasting value. So their mindset will be full of holes and mistakes.

Thus, why should I care about a view that is, at its foundation, erroneous and false?

Of late I have realized a lifetime of not caring for other peoples’ opinions of me has resulted in…me not caring about THEM, period. I am working on ‘loving my fellow man.’ Which is difficult when being around them saps energy. Plus the whole…dare I say…bigotry toward our personality is a constant obstacle.

I look forward to reading more posts in this community!

My motivational thought for the day: I believe in a God of order and balance. Current statistics say that 25% of the population is introverted. COULD look at that and say one of us equals three of them. :-P

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