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why do I have to be Mr.Pink?

My name is Melissa, I'm 19 and I go to school in Chicago, IL.
I'm a history/Fiction I don't write fictional history.. is mentioned in Sasha Cagen's Quirkyalone, a book my mom lent me to give me a break from all the Charles Bukowski and Syliva Plath I've been reading. No I'm not a extremely depressed, angry or drunk person I just haven't been able to read for pleasure for awhile due to college. So I decided see if there was a large community for Quirkyalone, which obviously there is. I thought I'd post and say Hello.
If your interested, another book that is related to the whole loner subculture is Party of One by Anneli Rufus, I loved this book because of how many topics it covered, how it didn't celebrate being alone as a badge or label but as a way of life. Also how it shows both negative and postive examples of loners in society and societies reactions to them.

I hope everyone had a drunken, fun and blurry Fat Tuesday

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