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I found this community a little while ago but I've been putting off introducing myself because I don't know exactly what I want to say, but I'll try anyway. To start off, hi, I'm Alynne.

I didn't know I was an introvert until about a year ago, actually. We were doing a test in school to see which careers we were best suited for. It was actually four tests in one, each one testing a different aspect of your personality. When the results that I was an intorvert came up, along with the other results, that was the only one that surprised me. I have a lot of friends and once you get me talking I won't stop, and I love to go out and be around people. Then the woman who was giving the exam explained that being introverted doesn't necessarily make you shy; it just means you need time to yourself to recharge and get your energy back.

That really made sense to me. After a night out I'm exhausted, but once I get home I need to take some time to read or think before I can fall asleep. Sometimes (okay, often), I'll lie to my friends and just take a night at home to myself. There is nothing I love more than an empty house. When I'm out, I get really tired by the end of the night and if I don't get to go home when I want to I get really bitchy. All of this, suddenly, made sense.

Of course when I told my mom I was an intorvert, she wasn't the least bit surprised. She claims to have always known. (Which I honestly don't doubt because no one knows me better than my mom.) I'm glad she understands, because otherwise it would be really hard-going at home. Unfortunately right now, I am a nanny in France, living with the family. They don't understand that I need personal space, especially the little boys. It's hard, but I've explained to the parents that it's just the way I am, and I think they're beginning to understand.
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