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Well, I have seen a few introduction posts, and since I recently joined... voila!

As it is, I suppose a general overview should suffice: I am a female in my late teens who is currently attending the community college in my area and working toward my General Studies degree (and high school diploma {at the same time}), after which I will transfer to Middlebury (yay!) College as a (hopefully) junior. I have always known that my social tendencies vary a bit from the norm, but within the last year or so have begun to realize how much time I need to myself {reading, thinking, just -being-} in order to be a well-functioning member of society and academia.

I consider my dogs (Fredi, Bastian, Murphy - all Border Collies;) to be my most steadfast companions, and sincerely hope I can take Fredi (the one out of the three who is really -mine-) to college with me when I move back East. I find solace in long walks during excessively cold nights when the moon shines brightly enough to cast a shadow, and have absolutely no idea why I just wrote that. Perhaps to highlight my nature as a tried and true night owl, as it seems the only time when it is possible to really and truly be alone without disturbances upon my solitude is in the deep of the night. Exhibit A: I just glanced at the clock, and the current time is 3:56 AM. ^_^

I really need to get to sleep earlier sometimes.

Nice to meet you all.
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