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Hello, fellow introverts! I am happy to have stumbled upon this community and hope to see it grow! I have been an introvert my entire life. My childhood was wrought with teachers, family members, and peers trying to change me, to make me talk, etc. This, of course, only made me feel less like talking and has made me feel alien and flawed much of my life, though in recent years I am starting to become more proud of my need for time to be introspective. Nevertheless, it ain't easy being an introvert in an extrovert's world!

I am less shy than I once was, though I am still an introvert in essence. Things like speaking in class (I'm in a master's English lit program) still make me unbearably anxious at times, and often when I speak, I feel as though people are looking right through me, as though I haven't said anything at all. I'm working on trying to overcome my anxiety so that I don't fail to participate in things that would benefit me, but it's a tough road.

I'm trying to balance appreciating my way of being with not letting it limit me more than I would like. It just sometimes feels like there's a barrier between me and much of the world. And unfortunately, the introverts of the world very rarely have a chance to communicate with one another. Or, at least, it's harder, I think, for us to find one another...

So yay for a community of introverts! :)
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