Ancora Imparo (macabre_grrl) wrote in intr0version,
Ancora Imparo


The book has arrived!

I dove right in, and already I had a gush of aha! In ways that I never expected as well, such as the myth-busting section. I was a little afraid that I would already know all of it, or see really familiar themes. But it's nothing at all like I expected!

It's also interesting to think about the uniquenesses of my temperment. The most glaring difference in me is that I like huge crowds and big parties. One on one contact is very stressful to me because I can't go somewhere and unwind after literally five or ten minutes of contact. The pressure is on to talk and connect in a sustained manner. The reason why I like big groups is because I can hide in them. The attention is diffused by the volume. I can talk to a person for a moment or two and then move on without being awkward. And if I'm being my usual quiet, observant self, no one is going to come up to me and ask probing questions about it. I can blend in. The other thing is that I have a very short attention span and can't focus on one item for too long. I have to bounce bounce bounce from one thing to another. I *do* cast a wide net as well as a deep one.

One thing that I also like about this book is that I have more insight into what I am like, and thus choose better ways of dealing with certain things. I also suffer from social anxiety disorder and mild schizoid personality disorder. It's very nice to be able to know what's what.
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