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The somewhat shy, introverted newby!!

Hey all!!! I just joined this community; it is my life-line, right now, since I feel like a social ditz in person. Maybe it has something to do with being almost deprived, when I was younger, of what others percieve as a "normal" social-life. Lets see, I daydream, quite often, and I'm still trying to find my purpose in life, whether it be something divine or on a mundane level. Sometimes, when I'm deep in thought, I tend to philosophize about any random thing, but unfortunatly, due to my crappy memory, I wind forgeting my awsome contemplations, later on. I guess I'm so glued to my own thoughts and imagination, that I start to become unfocused, and everything seems fuzzy.
Forgive me for dragging on about this and that, but I'm sooo happy to have found this community, and I'm looking foward to meeting/chatting with others who share this common denominator. I now feel an added ounce of peace with myself!! Thanks to anyone for being patient enough to read this.
-Nancy (-:
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